Emile Bernard

Lille 28 April 1868 - 15 April 1941 Paris



1885 - Entered the Ecole de Beau-Arts Decoratifs. Also at the Academy Cormon where he met Toulouse-Latrec, Anquetin and Van Gogh. Also discovered Cezanne in the little art shop of Pere.

1886 - At Concarneau he met Schuffenecker, Tanguy the later of whom recommended he meet Gauguin who was settle at Pont Aven.

1887 - One of most subtle minds of those at Pont Aven. Greater number of new ideas, but no school, too scattered.

1888 - Through Bernard, Serusier and Gauguin meet in September.

1892 - Argued with Gaouguin and the Nabis. He did not recognize his priority of researches in Synthetism. Bitter, Bernard abandons Symbolism and moves towards a more academic and traditional formula.

1908 - Ciolkowski visits Bernard who had this on his door: "Let him who does not believe in God, in Raphael and in Titian not enter here." (Art et Artistes, May 26)

1939 - Published a pamphlet on Gauguin at Pont Aven.


Did Gauguin or Bernard meet Cezanne first? Probably Gauguin, older and when stockbroker bought canvases from Cezanne.

With Anquetin he created cloisonnisme. Well traveled the musuems of Europe.

Refers to Jean Moreas literature.

Chasse sumerizes a lecture Bernard gave in 1926 at the Galerie Charpentier in front of his own pictures.

Wrote in the Mercure de France, May 1926 that Cezannes fault was he set himself up as a classical painter before proper study.

Critized for too much study of art. He says exclusive study of nature killed artistic sense in Impressionism.

Critized pleinairisme (outdoor painting)

Orthodox classicism

In his circle Anquetin faithful imitator of Rubens. Armand Point in the tracks of Leonardo de Vinci

Not even the Dutch Realists satisfied Bernard.

Say Gericault and Delacroix followed classical end of the lyrical path, and it is error to call them Romantics.



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