George Lacombe

Versailles 1868 – 1916 Alencon

Le Nabi sculpteur


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Boatwomen in Brittany, circa 1893-4
Museum of Fine Arts Houston


Worked with academic painter Alfred Roll for several months. At the Academy Julian he met the Nabis artists whom often met in his studio at Versailles. They called the meeting place an 'ergasterium'. His work is little known: some painting with symbolism, busts, wood engravings, puppets for Ranson’s marionette, bust on Serusier's tomb at Morlaix. The Nabi group met at his home. The other 'ergasterium' was Ranson's studio, 'The Temple.'
Lacombe and Ranson did not abandon the doctrines of the Nabi like Vuillard, Ker-Xavier Roussel, Bonnard and Denis did later.



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