Maxime Maufra

Nantes 17 May 1861 – 23 May 1918 Ponce (Sarthe)



Not a Nabi proper but associated with that group. Mellerio on Maufra’s painting: "a kind of compromise between the direct observation of objective nature and a purely ornamental and synthetic vision."

Began to paint in 1880. Some years in Liverpool where dad wanted him to serve a commercial apprenticeship.

1883 - In France. Soon devoted him self to painting.
1890 - At Pont Aven he met Gauguin and Serusier. He took part in the decoration of the inn at Le Pouldu.
1893 - In his Essais d’Art libre he thought, 'too many theories at Le Pouldu'. He was less of a synthetist, less of a generalizer, and more subtle.



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