Guido Montaufi

June 25, 1918 March 14, 1979


I ran across this exhibit in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy in May of 2002. It was a welcome break from Renaissance Art. I hope you enjoy these paintings also, and a bit of information regarding this artist.


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Born in Pietracamela, Guido Montaufi was self-taught. He began painting during the first half of the 1930s. During the war he lived in Greece, Albania, Austria, Germany and lastly in France. He painted with small format oils and watercolors.

In 1946 while living in Milan he met Carra and had a one man show at the Casa di Artisti. Then in 1948 he had another one man show at the Galleria Sandri in Venice presented by Gastone Breddo and Leone Minassico. At this point his work showed features of Expressionism and Fauvism.