Luca della Robbia

Cantoria, 1431-38, from the Duomo, Florence

Euclid and Pathagoras or Geometry and Arithmetic, 1437-9, from the Campanile, Florence

Andrea della Robbia



A strong follower of Girolamo Savonarola. A strong devotional tone can be seen in his workshop’s pieces towards the end of the 15th century. (San Marco Booklet)

Madonna of the Architects, 1475,
Bargello, Florence
Deposition from the Cross, 1505-10,
San Marco, Florence

Giovanni della Robbia


Andrea della Robbia’s son.

Bacco, 1520, Bargello, Florence Nativita, 1521, Bargello, Florence Pieta with St. John and Mary Magdalene grieving, 1514, Bargello, Florence In Santa Maria Novella