Jozsef Rippl-Ronai



Woman in a Garden, circa 1895-7 Les Vierges, 1895

His memoirs on the Nabi group. He mingled with the Nabi and Toulouse-Latrec in their homes and at the offices of La Reuve Blanche (publisher Thadee Natanson) and at the Theater de L'Oeurue. Met T-L at cycling competitions.



Came to Paris in 1887


Met Knowles prior to 1890 when he stopped studies with Michel Munkassy, a Hungarian academic painter in Paris. He credits Knowles with introducing him to modern art. Probably went to Pont Aven in 1889 after the Cafe Volpini exhibition showing Gauguin, Bernard and other Pont Aven artists. Knowles was doing mostly wood cuts, not many of which have survived.


Knowles introduced Ronai to Maillol.


Cloisonist The Bed, now in the Hungarian National Gallery.


One man exhibition at the Hungarian Embassy in Paris


Exhibits with the Nabi at 5th 'Peintres impressionistes et symbolistes' at Le Barc de Boutteville's Gallery


Exhibits at the Salon de Champ-de-Mars. He was admired by the Nabi. After this Bonnard, Vuillard and Valloton would visit him, later his wife, and Knowles on Sundays at his home outside of Paris in Nevilly-sur-Seine.



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