Armand Seguin

Brittany 1869 - 30 December 1903 Chateauneutndu-Faou


Gauguin companion at Pont Aven and Le Pouldu. Also associated with Chamaillard, Bernard, Serusier and O'Conner. Met Gauguin again at Pont Aven in 1894, which was his last stay in Brittany.

Illustrated for Ambroise Vollard, Gaspard de la nuit, and Manfred (unfinished)

Docile temperment. Hand lacking in vigor.

Bernard wrote to Chasse, "Seguin whom Gauguin later snatched from me met me in 1892 in Pont Aven."

Died of tuberculosis. Serusier gave him asylum at Chateauneutndu-Faou.

Contributor to Occident - 1st accurate information on the life of Gauguin.

On the occasion of the fight at Concarneau, Seguin dived into the harbour and swam off.

Not a Nabi but influenced by Serusier.

In 1895 Seguin exhibited paintings at the Barc de Bouteville. Denis said in La Plume his art was a didactic illustration of the theories of Synthetism. The preface of the catalogue was written by Gauguin. A lack of admiration for Gauguin, Seguin did not regard him as a master. (Or is it that G did not admire Seguin's genius?)



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