Edouard Vuillard

Cuiseaux (Saone et Loire) 11 November 1868 – 21 June 1940 La Baule

Le Nabi ‘le Zouave’


K-X Roussel was his fellow schoolmate at the Lycee Condorcet, and later brother in law. First they worked at Atelier Maillard Lugne-Poe, future director of Theatre de l’Oeuvre. He introduced them to Denis whom in turn introduced them to Bonnard who was at the Academie Julian.

Less influenced by Serusier and Gauguin than Denis was. Researched in isolation. Chief preoccupation in conversations was clarification of problems. "What is it all about." Nabi considered him most intellectual. Liked the poets Mallarme and Valery. Choose painting late in life. Not attracted to theosophy or Catholic meditations. Less sensual possibly. Bit of an impressionist. Reflections played an important part. Reflection was one of the things the Nabi revolted against, but he painted flat like Denis, Serusier and the Japanese. Also did not have ambition for easel painting, but to decorate walls. Unlike "outdoor" impressionism. Applied impressionism to the interior, artificial light.

Vuillard and Serusier painted decors for Lugne-Poe and the Theater d'Art.

1889 - V drew paintings and programs for the Theatre Oeuvre.
1894-1914 - Large decorative panels for the art lovers Natansons, Doctor Vaquez, Princess Bibesco, and Galerie Bernheim - Jeune.
1930+ - Decorated various office buildings.



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